Farmfeed – Added-value for foodstuffs (FOOD)


Farmfeed are a certified convertor of secondary flows (downgraded foodstuffs) from the food industry. Because of this, we are registered with the AFSCA, FCA certified in accordance with the Ovocom design brief and affiliated to the OVAM

Farmfeed are active in the conversion of plant-based secondary flows/sub-products, both dry and wet with a maximum wetness rate of 50 %.

This might involve production waste and returned goods, which, because of their nature and/or the conversion process they have undergone, are no longer suitable for human consumption. The field of application concerns practically all sectors of the food industry.


The different secondary flows include :

  • Chocolate, pralines
  • Crisps, both potato-based and crisps made from cornflour
  • Converted cereals, e.g. flakes, breakfast cereals, etc.
  • Flaky pastry, short-crust pastry
  • Biscuits
  • Bread, cakes, tarts, pastries
  • Spaghetti, pasta, flour
  • Potato flakes, potato starch
  • Etc…


Farmfeed convert both packaged and unpackaged secondary flows.  We can efficiently unpack downgraded foodstuffs.!

At Farmfeed, separate packaging is immediately compacted following a 1:12 report.

After external conversion, all our packaging waste is re-used, serving as raw material for the paper and plastic industry.

Farmfeed convert your organic secondary flows quickly and efficiently.  Converting large quantities is no problem for us, given that we have a significant buffer volume in our storage warehouses, high production capacity and efficient logistics.

A modern machinery park guarantees optimal reliability during the conversion of your secondary flows.


Converting downgraded foodstuffs (FOOD) into animal feed (FEED)is by far the most economically and ecologically sound solution.


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