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Our company has an FCA quality management system that is fully Ovocom compliant. We are also registered with the AFSCA and affiliated to the OVAM.

We produce HACCP internally according to our own schedule.

We have the following certifications: FCA, General GMP code for the animal feed sector, GPVW, GH and TVWE.


Guaranteed discharge and conversion


Because of the way in which conversion is carried out in our machinery park, your secondary flows will be eliminated from the human food chain;

  • converted end-products will be unrecognisable
  • packaging will be destroyed and rendered unusable

If desired, a conversion certificate can be obtained, stating that your downgraded foodstuffs have been converted into animal feed.

An annual overview of converted secondary flows can be obtained from us, which can then be in-corporated into your environmental management system.

Converting downgraded foodstuffs (food) into animal feed (feed) is by far the most economi-cally and ecologically sound solution.




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