About Farmfeed

Farmfeed means A to Z conversion



Farmfeed convert plant-based secondary flows/sub-products from the food industry, including both dry and wet goods products and sub-products from the bakery sector and food pastes, from the confectionery sector and the fast-food sector.

The main factors behind food products having to be recycled are as follows: errors in production and packaging, expired products (use-by dates), damage occurring during transit and water damage.

The various secondary flows include :

  • Chocolate, pralines
  • Crisps, both potato-based and crisps made from cornflour
  • Flaky pastry, short-crust pastry
  • Bread, cakes, tarts, pastries
  • Spaghetti, pasta, flour
  • Potato flakes, potato starch
  • Etc ...

Farmfeed convert both packaged and unpackaged secondary flows.

We can efficiently unpack packaged secondary flows!

At Farmfeed, separate packaging is immediately compacted following a 1:12 report.

By reducing the flow of waste, the impact on our environment is significantly reduced!

Thanks to external conversion, our packaging waste is recycled, meaning it can be re-used as raw material for paper and plastic uses.


Farmfeed are investing in sustainability: in 2012, we installed 250,000 KWp of solar panels for our company buildings, which we manage ourselves!

This means that a large chunk of our electricity needs is met using renewable energy!

Recycling food waste means Farmfeed are able to complete the cycle.


The conversion of downgraded foodstuffs into animal feed is by far the most economically and ecologically sound solution.


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